Network Quality

We all know that if Quality of network is poor then it becomes bottleneck for servers. No matter how powerful is server, Network brings it down to its knees.

At our data center we have redundant 10Tbps network lines. Which brings new life to your dedicated servers. Now you can push Terabytes of bandwidth easily. All of our servers have dedicated Gigabit Ethernet Port. You can easily push data as much as you can.

Unlimited disk space
Dedicated Servers includes unlimited disk space, there is No Storage Limitations as per the industry standards. Data storage limits can be increased as per your need.
Unlimite bandwidth
We doesn’t limit bandwidth usage so all the server clients can freely make use of this advantage without having to worry about overage charges of its SSD virtual servers.
A large number of our data centers make use of computerised building management systems to monitor and control the sensors of detection systems for electrical faults, fire and leakage.
high speed
File Host guru is confident to share that the overall uptime of its network exceeds 99,9%. It puts extensive time into monitorization to maintain this percentage.
site protections
Strictly controlled access ensures that the data centers we use count among the most secure facilities. The security of your data and systems is our primary concern.
ssd database storage
To make sure you don’t lose any of your data, we recommend taking daily backup. This adds a layer of protection to your server.